24 Mar 2019


Once more 6th graders have reused an old CD and a tuna can to make this craft.

27 Feb 2019

Paper flowers from old books

This time students have made a blue craft. They have used old and broken books from our school library to make these flowers. The flower vases are from Ikea.

15 Dec 2018


Sixth graders made two waterless snow globes. The first one was the same for everybody.


We reused different jars and sprayed the lids with a golden spray.

Then, we reused lids and coffee pods to put the Christmas figurines on to get height.

Finally we put some fake snow in the jar.


Students had to use imagination and creativity with the second one.



We were doing a plastic pollution project at  the English class and one of the things students had to do in this project was to give a second life to some plastic containers. They  took  them home to make some crafts. Most of them are very useful!!!

You use this when you do running to keep your water bottle, your mobile and your energetic fruit bar.