22 Mar 2024

Easter Bunny

First graders have made these cute Easter bunnies.
They have reused cardboard from different boxes.

Easter Eggs cards

Made by second graders.

Watercolours and crayons by third graders.

Made by fourth and fifth graders.


20 Dec 2023

Christmas DIY


18 Dec 2023


Poinsettias for Christmas

Fourth graders have used a poinsettia template from their art books
to decorate at Christmas. Some students have used a plastic container and
polystyrene beads to put their poinsettias, some decided to use a piece of string to hang them .

30 Nov 2023

Christmas cards

This activity was coordinated with the Galician Language Department. 

Students write Christmas messages in Galician inside the cards

 and then the school send the letters to the students' families.

We took ideas from these cards to make ours.

We reused some wrapping paper and red paper lefties 
we had in class to make the reindeer's body and the nose.
They were made by Class 6A.

We reused tea boxes and paper lefties to make the stars and the bows. 
They used craft punchers.
They were made by Class 6B.